Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Lazy Thursday Night

My son and his girlfriend are over for a visit. They brought pot stickers and laundry. His girlfriend is cute and very sweet. I know that my Christmas gifts and the recent Valentine's roses were her idea. They're in the living room watching "Sniper" and having a belching contest right now. I think my son may be a bad influence.

Not much exciting going on in my life. The only thing I can think of that's new and different is that I decided to polish my nails tonight. I was never able to grow my nails when I was younger and although I have long thin fingers the nailbeds at the end are quite small so on my hands short nails are kind of unattractive. When I was an account rep I did a lot of hand shaking and pointing at things in meetings with potential clients so I was self conscious about my nails. For awhile I had the acrylic ones but eventually I just got tired of the upkeep and expense and gave it up.

Over time I've gotten to the point where I can get them pretty long from late winter thru early fall (they get brittle and break more easily in the colder months - probably due to the low humidity of forced air heating) and keep them that way for several weeks before I have a tragic break on a car door, or while doing some form of housework, and have to snip them all off. To forstall the day when that happens, I try to keep them polished when they get long.

Unfortunately, I messed up the right hand a bit tonight; so, I went looking for the nail polish remover to fix things. I guess I haven't done my nails in quite a while, because I wasn't sure where the remover was. I looked all over. I now believe that I either ran out and didn't replace it or my daughter took the bottle with her when she moved. *sigh* I have a nice polished left hand and a smudgy right one. Grr.

For some reason I got up and left the above ramblings last night and didn't post it. So you get to hear what happened this morning. I get up and wander downstairs. There is still some laundry un-done but the kids are not here. I come back to my office and see that the bathroom door is closed. I go it. There are the grand-kitties. My son had asked if he could bring them over while his apt. maintenance was there fixing their patio door drapes. They didn't bring them with them when they came by with the laundry, so I expected them this evening. What they forgot to bring along was their litter box. I took a large brownie pan, filled it with litter and voila. It will be a bit more expensive to replace than a plastic litter pan, but what the heck. I don't get to play with kittens that often.

One of the kittens was fascinated with the whole morning hair rolling routine. Sniffed the hair gel, the curlers (ooh! hot!) pawed the clips that hold the curlers in one's hair. The other lolled on the top of the kittie condo we have stashed in the bathroom from their last visit her when they were really small. They're more 'teen' kittens now - recently neutered and spayed as well - thank goodness.

I may have to post pictures later :-)


Cookie said...

Get the boy to bring you some polish remover when he comes back over to pik up his 'kids'. ;^)

Suzanne said...

Hi Dawno,

I'm enjoying your blog! Just wanted to let you know about a great book on hands and nails by Fran Manos called Beautiful Hands & Nails Naturally. A lot of the chemicals in polish and remover damage the nails. You might have the makings of a hand model!

See you around the AW forum.


Dawno said...

Cookie, great idea! I'll mention it to "TehBoy"

Sue, wonderful to see you here! I'll have to check that book out. Interesting her name is "manos" which means hands - care to bet it's a pseudonym? If not, it's one of those great name matches you hear about like the dentist named Dr. Payne.

No hand modelling here - I was not good about using moisturizer when I was young and now my skin is 'crepey' and my hands actually look older than they should. *shrug*