Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Here! A Girl and Her Fed (Rise Up Swearing) In Print!

A while back (2008?) I sponsored some revision pages at A Girl and Her Fed. I got some beautiful art in return. Didn't really think about it much after that.

Today I checked my mail and there was a package for me from the artist...

I tear it open:

Ooh! Woot! It's the print edition of A Girl and Her Fed!
Here's the back cover
Here are the goodies I found inside the wrapper.
Here's the donor's page - I'm the name to the left of reflection...

Signed with an original ink sketch. Thank you, thank you!

You can get your copy at the AGAHF Store. That links to the standard issue, but there's a special Artist Edition which "comes with a personalized message and inked sketch of the comic character of your choice. Please describe your message and which character you want sketched in your book on your order form."

I don't get a commission or anything - I just really love this artist's work and hope you will too.

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Dawno said...

kevin - I've reported your site and I will continue to place your comments to this post as spam. Why not give up on this one and go bug someone else?