Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hey, Lookie What I Got!

Wow! The kitty video I posted on my other blog, Dawno's Beaded Badge Lanyards was noted as a post of the week by the very talented and lovely Hilary of The Smitten Image. As I commented there, I'm so thrilled! I feel like I just won an Oscar. Here's the icon:

I'll be adding it to the sidebar on my beading blog soon - will have to save it somewhere on the web so I use my own bandwidth for it and I'm too tired tonight. But I had to share right away. Thank you, Hilary!


Hilary said...

Aww you're too sweet, Dawno. :)

Dawno said...

And so are you - I'm glad you enjoyed the video and glad so many of your readers could too.

AstonWest said...


June Kramin said...

Nice! I'd give you an award too :)
*runs to design an award* ;)