Saturday, November 07, 2009

An Open Letter to My Levitra Spammer

Dear Anonymous Levitra spammer,

You left this comment on a month's old post on my beading blog:
Correctly! Goes! [url=http://.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=acheter_levitra_ici_1euro&acheter-levitra]achat levitra[/url] In my opinion, it is actual, I will take part in discussion. I know, that together we can come to a right answer.
I was so disappointed that I couldn't follow your link. You need to learn how the html for links on a blog post Correctly! Goes! You were probably planning to make some money off every click. Or maybe clicking the link would send someone to a malware site where you'd be able to steal some important information via a virus. I don't know enough about links to know which, but it's a shame that won't be happening. Sad to be you.

Also, the post you left your comment on? It was a story about how The Beadin' Path obtained over 40,000 lbs of vintage Lucite. It was a great story (if you're into making jewelry) and yes, it was actual! I'm just not sure that there's a 'right answer' to come to.

And why post anonymously? How can we have a discussion? How can I come to *your* blog and spam your comments about my jewelry in return? Surely that would be a worthy discussion...I'd be thrilled to put a link to my Artfire shop in the comments on every post. I bet with all your spamming you'd get a lot of traffic that I could piggy-back on for profit! Another lost opportunity for collaborative synergy!

You kids today. You just don't know how to spam like they did in the old days.




BetteJo said...

Must be a trend. My picture blog got viagra spammed on an old post last week, and my bead blog (where I don't talk about beading) got one recently too. Hmmmm.

I wonder how many women actually buy that stuff?

Dawno said...

Hi BetteJo! Thanks for dropping by!

Some poor schlub making ten cents a post and thinks our beading blogs are good places? sad.

As for women buying levitra - somehow I think it could be more pervasive than we'd guess...

Frank Baron said...

I LOL-ed mightily at your Correctly! Goes!

Then I had a Horrible Thought:

What if, a decade or three from now, spam language (hereafter dubbed Spamguage©) becomes the Universal Language of the Interweb? Maybe it'll combine with that L33t speak (hereafter dubbed L33kuage©).

OMG!!! That would be totally Incorrectly! Goes!!

Dawno said...

Frank, in my opinion, it is actual, I will take part in discussion, but I'm not sure I'll be able to adapt to the new language. Hopefully I'll have grandkids that can translate.

poetinahat said...

*sigh* Where's a prolix when you need one? ;)

Thank you for the warm welcome back, Dawn - it's good to see you again! /hug/

Dawno said...

well, sheet, PomeDude - you noes I runed ovr it!!!

((huggles)) Great to see you out in the blogisphere again!