Thursday, March 19, 2009

Money is Flying Out of the Windows of the Pickup in Front of You - What Would You Do?

My daughter called me a bit after 5pm tonight. "Mom, I can't believe people! I mean, they were putting themselves and others in such danger! They were even running out on to the freeway!" She was headed home on the northbound 805 in San Diego. Suddenly she noticed cars stopped on the median and the breakdown lane (possibly in the freeway too, but I can't remember exactly). It took her a moment to figure it out - they were crouching and sitting and stooping. Then she saw some paper fly by - they were stopping to pick up as much money as they could as it fluttered down the freeway.

Yep. The details aren't all in yet, but apparently just a little ways ahead of her there was a pickup being chased by the police with money being flung out the windows. The police recovered $18k. The news story said "It was unknown how much money was collected by passers-by or how much money may have been thrown out in the first place."

I'm proud of my daughter for driving straight home and avoiding the freeway later on her way to her evening class.


Bev's Jewelry said...

More than likely provided the diversion the robbers were looking for. Good for your daughter to not get caught up in it.

Dawno said...

Yep, I'd bet they thought so. They got caught anyway!

AstonWest said...

I would have just assumed it was counterfeit. :-)

Dawno said...

I didn't even think of that. Too bad for all those folk if it were - but it was real $100s and $20s and the DEA was involved, too.