Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Beading Frenzy and Other Stuff, Too

I can't stop. Perhaps there's a twelve step program? I now have finished over 100 necklaces, some bracelets -- maybe a dozen, and 10 pairs of earrings (I also made 4 or 5 pairs that my daughter gave as Christmas gifts). I've given away a number as gifts and sold 20. I have a friend who wants a necklace to send to his mom in England for her birthday next month. I'm always a bit amazed that people like my designs. Happy, yes, but still getting used to the idea that something I created appeals to others.

Since I enjoy this so much, and I have had some small success selling them, I decided to set up an Etsy store, as I mentioned in my last post. I've got 21 items up so far and more to come as I get them all photographed and described.

I'm finding Etsy very easy to use and completely lovely online marketplace for handcrafters. I'm quite humbled by the talent of the other store owners. There are so many beautiful items for sale.

The other neat thing I've discovered doing this is how generous with information and advice the other beaders I've met online are. (Thanks, Lee, Julie, Marilee, and Carol!) I really want to take in a gem fair one of these days. I'm also wondering if I should see about setting up as a vendor at some small regional con and see how that works.

Well, I've finished my annual pilgrimage through the Discworld and started on Ha'penny by Jo Walton. It's a great read, so far, not that I expected any less, I read Farthing last year and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. I love alternate history fiction - I've read all the Flint, et al books about the Ring of Fire universe (1632, 1633, Grantville Gazette, 1634: The Galileo Affair, 1634: The Ram Rebellion, etc.), I also enjoy Harry Turtledove and S.M. Stirling's books. I hope the sequel to The Sky People is good - it comes out in March per Amazon. It's titled In the Courts of the Crimson Kings and it's set on an alternate Mars that was terraformed millions of years in the past and seeded with Earth animals (including various dinosaurs) as well as hominids.

I'm also reading John Elder Robison's Look Me in the Eye. (I can't seem to read only one book at a time - I've usually got a few around the house and if I sit down near one of them, I just start reading it - even if I'd only moments ago been sitting in another room reading a different book - anyone else do that?)

John is a member of Absolute Write and he's been wonderfully generous in sharing with aspiring writers over there. His book, about his life with Asperger's, has been fascinating.

Haven't heard from my son in a while. He ran out of minutes for his phone and I just washed mine*, so who knows when we'll be able to talk rather than IM (and I haven't gotten an IM lately either). But I look forward to asking him about the snow in Baghdad - first snow there in 100 years, I read.

*not entirely washed - I realized I'd left it in the pocket of my jammies and pulled it out as the washer was filling to start the first cycle. I've taken out the battery and am letting it air dry and am also fervently wishing for it to still work. I hate going to the phone store and dealing with the people there. The only visit I can remember that was half way pleasant was back when I got my first cell phone and they were excited about having customers. Now it seems like the staff at these stores are barely a step above flipping burgers in their knowledge and enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

My wife washed her cellphone, but it went full cycle. She let it dry for about a week and then tried it. Lo and behold it worked.

The secret is do NOT attempt to turn it on until dry, otherwise circuits will begin shorting out. Power and water don't mix. Be patient with the drying and you should be OK.

Steve Davis

Dawno said...

Hi Steve! Thanks for visiting and commenting. My husband suggested drying over-night and then trying to power up, so I did. The keypad lights up but no display. :-( I'll leave it be another day, but I have to have a phone, so tomorrow afternoon it's off to the store.

Felicia said...

Your store looks great! Best of luck with it :)

Lori said...

Was just poking around your store, Dawno. Good luck with it. It looks good.

Frank Baron said...

Miss you Dawn. Hope you're maintaining. :)