Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What? Another Knitting Post?

Yep. I recommend for your viewing, uh, pleasure (?) Beutiful (sic) art made with knitting. There's a whole thread devoted to it at Absolute Write Water Cooler if you want to comment there (but of course I'd rather you comment here!)

I would also like to talk about my Roomba. (it's related - you'll see) Yes, Rudy the Roomba was out and about again. We'd actually not used him in quite some time. When I came home last night the SO had him running around the living room. Our cat, Yogurt, is not afraid of Rudy but he's not too clever around Rudy, either. He kept laying down on the carpet and Rudy would bump into him. *sigh*

Later on the SO sent me a link to a website where you can see (and buy) COSTUMES for your Roomba. (He has forbidden me to even think about dressing Rudy up)

Between the knitter, with what seems to be homicidal tendancies towards toys, and the Roomba clothiers, I think we may be nearing the Last Days. Surely these are signs of the Apocalypse.

PS: you can also go to a site where someone has hooked up a web cam to their Roomba. And I thought the kitty litter cam was the weirdest thing ever. Where do I learn this stuff? From a blog-like website about Roombas, of course.

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Mac said...

My friend, the memes are gonna make me grumpy, because I've noticed that your regular posts have dropped wayyyyyyy off--you do memes, instead.

I miss the rambling Dawno posts.

Thinkin' of ya.

Unique said...

Therapy. You. Need. Therapy.

Mark Pettus said...

I've got no room to talk, but...

I agree with mac.

Dawno said...

ok, ok! yes, my regular posts have dropped off - my head isn't in a great place right now so I haven't had much to say that I want to share with all and sundry on T3hWeb.

I will stop posting the AW memes here, however - they'll just go up on the thread. Better?

Mac said...

Well, not if you aren't planning to write real POSTS it's not better.

SOME content is better than NO content!

(At least you have readers willing to abuse you for not keeping us adequately entertained...)

Mac said...

Oh dear--I do hope you know not to construe that first remark as criticism. I'm going to be all twitchy and concerned that I expressed myself badly, now.

Mostly, you have such a lovely, fresh, funny way of writing about things, with a distinctive, quirky voice. I got spoiled. :)

It's like when one of your favorite columnists goes on vacation, and they run old archived columns for a month, instead of fresh material-- it isn't awful, but you really miss your favorite column.

Unique said...

Whatever it is you're doing, Dawno - keep doing it. I love to see Mac twitch.


Dawno said...

Mac - stop twitching! I'm flattered that you liked my rambling Dawno posts enough to miss them. Mark, too. I don't want my blog to be all memes either. I'm letting a number of things get a behind around here - you should see my laundry pile. You don't want to see my kitchen sink.

Unique, I can't. It's just not in my nature.

Julia said...


(That is all. I love you, Dawno.)